Attending A Lesbian Wedding

If you have been invited to your first same sex marriage, you might need a couple of advice for simple concerns when attending a lesbian wedding. How do we address the card- Mr. and Mrs.?? Mrs. and Mrs.? How do we name the gift? Is there the right present for the lesbian wedding?  Well, the first thing which you need to do and understand is to stop thinking of the lesbian marriage as being anything opposite of any “traditional” wedding. A wedding regardless of age, sex, religion and beliefs is a celebration of love and new beginnings. It should be regarded as sacred and blessed.

The Gifts
The couple might have their own wedding registry so this will make the gift shopping very easy for you.  The important thing to remember is that they are two people in love. In any wedding, giving a gift that sybolises love, and comitment is always appreciated. So much more memorable than a pair of matching tea towels!

One idea is to find a work of lesbian art that’s very unique and beautifully done. The lesbian art symbolizes their commitment and love for each other.

During The Wedding
Enjoy the ceremony and learn from it. It’s different from the usual and traditional weddings that you go to so expect few changes. What matters most is the union of two souls who are happy for what they are and who they are spending the rest of their life with.

Most of all, have fun!

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