Your Soulmate, Your Twin Soul













To begin, what is a soulmate? You can look it up on a dictionary but beyond that meaning on books and dictionaries, a soulmate is a person with whom we have that deep feeling of connection and natural affinity. A soul mate does not necessarily mean someone you are having a romantic relationship with. It could also be your family, friends or even pets. In other words, it’s a spiritual connection more than physical connection.

Again, what is a soulmate? What I’ve learned is that the purpose of a┬áspiritual relationship isn’t meant to merely fill a gap of loneliness, or ramp up your sex life (though great sex can be a wonderful side benefit!).

Having a soulmate is much more than that. It can actually turbo-charge the greatest potential within each of us. Do you agree?

Some soulmate relationships, like this twin souls sculpture, are even meant to have a greater purpose: one that is ‘bigger’ (if you will) then may have been able to meet individually.

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