Lesbian Gift: Finding the right engagement ring for her

Lesbian Engagement Ring

You finally found the woman of your dreams and you don’t want to let her go anymore so you embark on a challenging journey of finding the perfect engagement ring for her. Buying an engagement ring for your lesbian partner should be influenced by your budget, style and personal taste. Bear in mind that she will wear this everyday for the rest of her life. Some women want a simple engagement ring that she can pair with your wedding band later on. Choose something that’s not too thick but not too thin at the same time.

Decide on which material you want your engagement ring to be- gold, silver or platinum. Make sure that you got the correct ring size of your partner.

Then there’s the biggest issue on whether both of you gets to have an engagement ring or just one of you. It’s best to discuss this with your partner because there are women who do not want engagement rings but want other symbolic things such as a lesbian sculpture. When that is out of the way, proceed with your shopping and have fun!


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