Giving A Gift To Your Lesbian Couple Friends

You were invited by your lesbian friends to come over for a dinner celebration and you can’t think of something appropriate and meaningful to give them. Based from experience, my lesbian couple friends does not want to receive sex toys because it’s something VERY personal and it’s something a lesbian couple would want to buy together.

What I can suggest is think of the couple’s common interest and start from there. A simple movie ticket for two will give them the reason to relax and bond together over popcorn and a good movie.

Consider also a statement shirt if the couple is actively rallying for equal rights. But you would want to stay away from this if the couple wants to be discreet.

Third option is I think the best and the most appropriate. It’s assured that you won’t be hurting anyone’s feelings and you are “safe”. Give the couple a lesbian love sculpture that symbolizes a couple’s love for one another. Find a sculpture that is tastefully done (because I have seen nude sculptures and well, let’s say R-18 sculptures) and very classy.

I hope you find this article helpful! Good luck with finding the right gift for your lesbian couple friends.


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