Christmas Gift Ideas For A Lesbian Friend

It’s that time of year again,friends; the time of year when shop windows glisten with green and red Christmas goodies, trees are decorated with twinkling elves and fairy lights, and of course Christmas commercials are way ahead of the game (even before the Halloween!).

You might think that it’s too early to buy a Christmas gift for your special friend but you don’t want to be drowned on Christmas rush and end up buying anything you can grab out of a store, don’t you? There’s plenty of time to think, canvas and finally decide on what to Christmas gift to buy the special lesbian in your life.

For the Sporty Dyke:

Is she into outdoorsy stuff such as jogging and outdoor sports? Customized water bottles could work just don’t put her solo photo as the design. Maybe a camping knife or thermal mugs if she’s into hiking and trekking. And if she’s into sports, customize a shirt with her name and player number on it to her favorite sports team.

For the Enlightened One:

This perhaps is the most hardest type of lesbian to pick present for because of their well, standards. I would suggest buy her something from the artistic side such as this tastefully done lesbian sculpture. And books are so passe, don’t you think?

For the Lesbian who likes girly stuff:

You can never go wrong with jewelry and sparkly things. Need I say more?

And Finally, for your closet Lesbian relative:

A book from New York’s best seller list will be appreciated or maybe candles and some burning oil scent set. Nothing too obvious 😀

Well, that’s it for today’s list. Maybe you can add more?

Happy Christmas Shopping!



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One Response to Christmas Gift Ideas For A Lesbian Friend

  1. Erin says:

    Thanks!! This helped a ton! A rainbow water bottle is going to be perfect! She wants to be a coach, so she will need a good one! :p

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