Buying presents for a lesbian

Buying Gifts for Lesbians 

Are you in a lesbian relationship? Or is there some special women you really, really like? Finding the perfect lesbian gift can sometimes be quite challenging. However, keep in mind that buying presents for someone in a lesbian relationship is not really too different from buying gifts for people in heterosexual ones.

The important thing is to make sure that your gift really means something. Try and avoid the unoriginal basics like chocolates, flowers, and cards as these gifts are quickly forgotten. (These can be included as a littlesomething extra with your main gift). Or you can go with something thatis really memorable and says something about you both.

With any gift idea, it’s important to know your partners interests.

How long have you been in the lesbian relationship? If you have been together for some time, it’s likely that you will have a good idea as to what gift your partner likes best. If however the relationship is still very new and you still not sure exactly what gift she would like best;

Here are a few tips to make sure you get her the ideal present.

lesbian woman looking at gifts

  • Pay close attention to her over the next week or two. She may even be dropping
    subtle hints as to what gift she would really appreciate. Often this can be unconscious. So pay attention and really listen. Someone’s daily habits can say a lot about their likes and dislikes.
  • What music does she listen to? What sort of books does she read? What’s her
    favourite restaurant? Is she active and an outdoors person? Get her a gift which relates to something that she is passionate about. This shows you really paying attention and care about her interests.
  • Simply put, If she loves music, how about a new CD of a musician she has told you she likes, a new mp3 player, or buy two tickets and take her out to a night of music and dance.
  • If food is her passion, how about a new cookbook or a night out in your city’s best restaurant?
  • Does she have a favorite author? Have a quick look on her bookshelves and ask her what she thinks of such and such author. If you pay close attention, You’ll soon find out.
  • Is she stressed out from a busy lifesyle and demanding job? A gift voucher
    for 1hr of massage with a highly skilled masseuse can do wonders.

So, what is the ideal lesbian gift?

  • Firstly, You don’t need to spend too much. For most people, the thought behind
    the gift is more important than the gift itself. Of course, it’s can be difficult to find that ideal lesbian gift that tells her how much you really love her. Something really romantic without being all sappy.
  • Something that works really well for this is lesbian art and sculptures. So many gifts today are very disposable and transitory. Paintings and sculptures are something timeless that will be around for many many years. The serve as a powerful daily visual reminder of the love you share.
  • The best sort of artwork to give is to find something that is really focusing on love between women. There is a beautiful site called which makes beautiful and affordable artwork about love and happiness. There is a special handmade lesbian sculptures called “Twin Souls” about a special love and friendship shared between women. They’ll even send it gift wrapped straight to your partner with a card from you in it.
lesbian sculpture giftwrapped“Twin Souls” lesbian lovers sculpture
  • Try not get caught in a mind trap of comparing and over analyzing between different gifts. Be intuitive and trust your feelings. You probably know her better than most people and if you trust your inner feelings you will make the right choice. If you remember your gift is all about love you can’t go wrong.
  • So if you are sure that a box of her favorite chocolates will make her day, or a beautiful card and bunch of flowers is all she really wants, it’s ok; don’t be afraid to be clichĂ©d.
box chocolates
  • Most importantly, don’t worry and have fun with the process. That sense of fun you had in shopping will be carried over into your gift choice.
  • Lastly, consider getting her a gift that you like as well. This is always a safe bet as in the unlikely event your partner doesn’t like the gift as much as you do, at least you’ll end up with it.

Happy Gift Hunting

If you have any ideas for great lesbian gifts, please share them in the comments section below.

Heres a lovely little video featuring out lesbian supermodel Jessica parker with some of her favourite gift ideas. Enjoy

Here’s another great video – excerpts from a movie called drool. It has such a lovely feeling of love that I wanted to share it with you.

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